Business Week! HAHA!

So here's something. A while ago UNCW asked us to give a lecture on March 20th (that's today! hooray!) for Business Week, but we just remembered... yesterday.

The go-to plan was to just take off my pants and open it up for questions. DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES. *Mic Drop*

We've since had hints that this is not socially acceptable. So. Our Business Week "lecture" today is going to be comprised of a lot of Q&A. If you're coming but don't know what to ask us, here is a children's treasury of possible and encouraged discussion topics:
1. On a scale of 1-infinity, how sexy are alpacas?

2. How does Claude Van Damme physically fit into your business plan?

3. Does your art director, Justin Mitchener, dream in Comic Sans? Also, is he single? How can I fax him?

4. Who the [EXPLETIVE OF YOUR CHOICE] invited you to speak at an actual university

5. ... Pizza cats as viable contract labor?

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure College! GO!
Come play with us! 3pm. UNCW. Probably in some building on campus.