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In the past week, we've developed a new incurable fixation: Senior Portraits.

Before you report us to your local neighborhood watch, I should probably clarify that this obsession is the opposite of creepy and I promise that in the next 2.3 minutes, you will share our enthusiasm. Without further ado, I present you with... this:

pink Merman on the dockSpongebob gangster

These two masterpieces deserve their own dedicated exhibits at the Lourve. I finally understand the hidden meaning of art. Thank you, universe. 

Weird senior portrait

And then this guy comes along and ruins everything. The foundation of my reality has been shaken and my world has been shattered. Philosophers have been trying to verbalize this exact message for centuries. WHERE WAS NIVEA MAN THEN? Malevolently laughing at their failures. 

Victorian sillyCatman portrait
My next haircutblowup prom

While technically runner-ups, these guys are still winners. We're all winners in this game. 

There comes a day when these seniors graduate their respective high schools. No fear, my dear, the joy of engagement photos quickly approach. 

Creepy engagement photoLame of thrones
Hot lesbiansAdam and steve

As with most things in life, there is one engagement photo to rule them all. Welcome to the future, kiddies:

Best Wedding Photo Ever

Moral of the story: Please don't call the authorities about this please.