Freaker Friday: Wooden Heros!

Late-night television is never a good place for little babies.

The other night, Puffy, one of our babiest Freakers, snuck into the TV room after bedtime. His little mind was exposed to a classic 1992 drama about a man rejected by his parents, and raised by a flock of penguins. Puffy now believes he is “The Penguin” from Batman Returns and has set his sights on taking over Gotham City (Freakerville).

Now, choose your own adventure: Tell us how Zach and the Freakerteam are going to Rise and restore order to the Universe (Wilmington.)

What you're winning this week: We have 3 phenomenal products from WoodThumb - all made in the USA from reclaimed wood around the San Francisco region. There is a wooden tie ($40), a wooden bowtie ($36), and a wooden 6pack ($42)! Each care package will come with a Puffy & a Clyde Freaker, because... swank! 

How to enter: Go to our Facebook page, find the Freaker Friday photo, and let us know how Zach should fulfill his new duties as Neo-Batman against the chaos of a nefarious knit penguin.