Auto-Toon & Wooden Winners


I know you. I understand your hopes and dreams. I get it. And trust me, I had childhood aspirations of becoming a rapper also, but we shared the same logistical obstacles, you and I. Our operatic voices were simply too angelic to convey the right amount of "baller." And then T-Pain (And Cher. FACT.) came along and gave us all the humanitarian tool of Auto-Tune.

Rejoice! In a rightful celebration of T-Pain's (And Cher's. Never forget Cher.) gift to humanity, we're releasing AutoToon today! Move aside, Peter Frampton. There's a new tribe of audio processing in town.

And now for the winners of Freaker Friday....

Last Friday we asked you how Zach would fill the shoes of Batman in a Freakerville crisis for a chance to win 1 of 3 incredible products from our friends at Wood Thumb - all Made in the USA! Winners! Send us your address and we'll send you a care package of delight!

Brandon Todd It's pretty simple here. Disguise? Check. Freaker? Check. The Rock as Robin? Double Frikkin Check. They will make bad guys the Bane of their existence, Freeze in their tracks and just look like Jokers in general, it's no Riddle, they are just having Agul time... Until next time…

Diana Anzola "What did you do to my father?!" Puffy asked DirtyCarl. (Carl had no idea why puffy was pointing an umbrella at him but was annoyed he was interupting his chatroulette date) "go away." DirtyCarl mumbled. Angrier, Puffy began to tug carl's beard when SWOoooOSH in tumblerolled zachthedarknight and his butler Clyde! "STOP THIS NONSENSE PUFFY!" Zach sang, "I AM YOUR FATHER!" Puffy all moist with joy jumped into the boxtruck to throw grilled cheese parties chirping "one Freaker every bottle, and to all a good night!"

Matt Honor Zack and team will morph into the Ultimate Freaker (aka Chuck Norris) and roundhouse-kick Puffy so magnificently it unravels all of space and time. After a moment to reflect on the series of events that conflicted Puffy, Chuck Norris the Ultimate Freaker decides to reknit the threads of life back together with strands from his very own beard. Thereby, creating peace and order for the Universe.