Return of The Nutties

In the grand ol' days of 2012, we ran a series that exposed the severe psychological disorders of all of our friends. Incidentally enough, they all were graced with the same malady: Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly known as "Multiple Personality Syndrome."

A lot of people use the word "suffer" when describing how people function with abnormal tendencies. We prefer more scenic semantics. Our friends do not suffer from Multiple Personality Syndrome, they wallow in it. So let us all band together and rejoice for the return of hysteria. HUZZAH!!

Without further ado, let's pick on Blair!

Guys and gals, please give a warm tip of your hat to Tammy-Lynn Sue. She's quite the sweetcheek and takes pride in everything she does. These accomplishments include winning a goat in a county-wide cake walk, cross-stitching adorable obscenities, and getting tickled about prospects of "noodling" on the weekends. She has a dark past though and infamously wrassled her neighbor into a mudpit in response to her Mama's Butterscotch Cornbread recipe being plagiarized. Also, NASCAR in the order of NASCAR, because NASCAR! Her favorite Freaker is Foghorn.

This is the esoteric Lady Irene Chartreuse. She is a dapper young bird who leaves an impenetrable air of mystery behind her wherever she wanders. Rumor has it that she sleepwalks through foggy crime scenes late at night... but those rumors were also started by a Nancy Drew fan club, so there's that. Her pastimes include training fleets of messenger pigeons, writing anonymous love letters to every man in the phone book named Watson, and building sets for the Will Smith movie Wild Wild West (AKA inventing steampunk.) Her favorite Freaker is Sherlock Homie.