Freaker Friday: Southern Charm Edition!

We hail from a rustic place of grace, North Carolina.

We employ a blacksmith to hand forge all of our Freaker displays. His name is Jeff and he is a fantastic man. Recently, Jeff decided to drink a bottle of bad moonshine in the woods and ended up in the hospital. (Don't lose too much sleep, he's fine.) THIS IS THE MOST SOUTHERN $#&% I'VE EVER HEARD. So in celebration, this Freaker Friday is going to be about Southern Spirits (and making fun of how doofy Jeff looked in high school.)

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: Mason Shakers!!! When two transplanted Southerners moved to Brooklyn, they packed the charm with them and thus the cocktail-shaker mason-jar was born. We have 3 Mason Shakers to give away this week along with a Foghorn & Arnold Freaker (total retail value: $50) Bonus points: Everything is made in the USA!!!

HOW TO ENTER: Instagram!! No matter where you're from, flash us your Southern Side with the hashtag #MoonShaker for your chance to win!