Purism Tourism

Some of you may just be visiting, but some of you live inside of the internet. No national census or voter registration cards can convince us otherwise. Don't worry, we're not here to judge, we just want to open your natural habitat up to it's booming tourism industry potential.

Like all motherlands, the internet has national treasures and widely recognized symbols of pride. Unlike traditional border states, however, these treasures are ever evolving and change on a daily basis. We've put together a little brochure for visitors, but feel free to make any necessary additions.

Without further ado, welcome to the Matrix. 

Just like traditional border states, the internet has decorated national heroes. 

...And celebrity power couples. 

The internet has a distinct anthropological appeal, and even comes with manuals for proper cultural immersion!

The arts are held in an extremely high regard. 

Most importantly, here is a great example of tourist attractions inside of the internet.  Who needs a zoo when dogs in pantyhose exist?

Point? Made.