PizzaCat 4EVA!!

Molly Jacques is a cat

With the official release of Pizza Cat this week, we've been on a Pizza Cat Parade. We've found some gems hiding in the depths of the internet, and it is now our official duty to put them all in one solidified place. Together. Forever. 

Without further ado, I present to you the best of the best of the Pizzacats, which are automatically the best anyway. Now take the best of that, and you have this...

Pizza Cat Eat The CrustCat who liked pizza
Cat in a boxName your cat food
Pizza cat of my dreamsPizza Cat Delivery

And now for the motherload, here is a video of dancing Pizzacats. With a backdrop of explosions. Lipsynching to an electronic remix of... Danzig.

I would say "enjoy the rest of your day," but with all of these pizzacats, it's impossible not to. So. Enjoy your day tomorrow, too.