Freaker Friday: Word To Your Mother

Mother's Day is roughly a week away, so let's take a moment for reflection. Mothers are known for their nurturing strength and unwavering love, but there are other countless attributes which make mothers the most heroic subsection of the human species. Example: You were an infant once. Would you still be wallowing in a cradle of your own filth if it wasn't for your mother? PROBABLY. For all their vigilence and selfless altruism, we say WORD.

What Your Winning This Week: We have 5 care packages this week! Each one will come with a 3-pack of Word Notebooks (sturdy, clean and made in the USA!), a Your-Mom Freaker and a Freaker design of your choice! (Total retail value: $30)

How To Enter: Show us on Instagram why your mom is a champion with the hashtag #WordMama for a chance to win one of the goody bags! Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!