Sandy Boulevard Cohen Beer

Ruby Assata Boulevard Missouri

We love Boulvard Beer. When I say the word "love," I mean it in the same way that a middle schooler might "love" the main character in a made-for-tv family drama (I'm looking at you, OC.) There is a strange mixture of admiration and enthusiasm, with tinges of justified jealousy because let's be real: these things are fake.

Disclaimer: Boulevard Brewery, however, is not fake. It's a real brewery in real Missouri that produces real beer that makes us real happy. And for that, we love them.

They are the Sandy Cohens of beer. You "love" Sandy Cohen because of his integrity and charm, but you are also constantly reminded of all the things he has that you do not.

On that note, here is a treasury list of things that Boulevard Beer has that Freaker USA does not have:

- FREE SHIPPING TODAY on all dry goods! Happy American Craft Beer Week!!! Just use this discount code: ACBW

- More than 4 Scallywags in stock (discontinued forever!)

- Ralphie, Carrot Top, and Boulevard Freakers! Most of which are only $7.95!

- ... A brewery. 

Sandy Boulevard Cohen Beer, we think you are wonderful and your life is perfect. Keep on rockin in the freak world.