Business Class!

Freaker USA is nominated for the 2013 "Coastal Entrepreneur Award" after somehow "winning" the retail subsection award. There has been a general lack of concern in this office for what a "Coastal Entrepreneur Award" actually means, but as of recently, we've been getting some clues. Our updated "Award Hypothesis" is as follows: "Award" is when somebody puts your picture in a paper!

For example, I want to reward you for being awesome. Because we don't actually own a newspaper, just imagine that this is the future so there are no paper publications! Okay! Here we go.... You are awarded!

TA-DA! We give you all awards! Thanks for being so great!

This particular award that we were awarded has something to do with "business." There are many definitions and theories of what "business" can mean, but we like the Choose-Your-Own-Business-Adventure school of thought the best!

Let's learn! In the Greater Wilmington Business Journal article (with the picture-reward!), there are some seemingly unrelated details that stand out:

Point A: "We usually say Freakers are made out of unicorn hair."
Point B:"In 2011-12, the company grew 500 percent."

What you don't know: These two things are directly correlated. Secrets of successful business? UNICORNS. Unicorns, people. Unicorns. And that, my friends, is how you get your picture in a paper.

Now go forth and prosper, young grasshoppers!