Spy vs. Spy

There is a man that exists in America. His name is Jonathan Guggenheim. Mister Goog just unveiled his sneaky "I'M IN YO OFFICE, SNAPPIN' SPY SHOTS OF YO COWORKERS" series. We have no choice but to take a look. We're a little nervous, so please, join us in this journey.

Justin Mitchener Art Director Jonathan Guggenheim

Here you can see Justin Mitchener, art director, in his natural habitat. He has a special symbiotic relationship with the genome named Robots.

Jonathan Guggeinheim Photography

One of our models, Blair, is caught bathing in the warm glow of artificial warehouse light. 

Bitch bitch bitch caffeine glutton

In FreakerKingdom, caffeine is the nectar of bitchin' desire.

Karate Chop American

If one observes the Freakerteam silently, you start to pick up on a covert spy language. Most clans use "secret handshakes," but this one seems to have a complex system of "secret karate chops to the face."

Behind The Scenes Warehouse

And that, my friends, is the National Geo(metro)graphic edition of Freaker USA, through the eyes of the man who pretended to be Ellen Degeneres for an uncomfortable amount of time. 

In public.