Freaker Friday: Freaky Beach


With a few more rays of sunshine making their appearance each day, temperatures are rising and you're already contemplating taking the hit your AC puts on the power bill. The time has come to seek refuge at beaches, pools, creeks(cricks), or any such watering hole. 

The first, and most important, rule of swimming, is never do it alone. As a secondary measure, why not bring a lifeguard friend? Babewatch is our eye on the waters this summer. Each of these babies has been trained by our friend Walker. You might remember that many of our friends have split personalities. Walter thinks he is a lifeguard, but in reality is terrified of water!

What you are Winning:

Each winner will receive a Creature Cup, a Babe Watch Freaker, and a Freaker of their choice! ($40 retail) Creature Cups are designed in Brooklyn, and allow you to have morning coffee with friends ranging from little Otters, to angry alligators.

How to Enter:

Tweet #FreakyBeach to tell us which creature lurking under the surface is Walter's aquatic arch nemesis! As always, we will announce the three winners in Tuesday's newsletter! Summer!