Throwback Thursday!

When you reach the top of a mountain, the typical custom is to turn around and look back. Looking back, you appreciate the terrain you were able traverse, the creeks you crossed, the bridges you built and burned.

Today, dear internet, we reached the top of a mountain. Freaker USA was recognized as a nomination for the 2013 "Costal Entrepreneur Award" at an official Breakfast Buffet. While we did not win the big prize, Zach's acceptance speech received the most laughter. In other words. We did win the big prize.

What better day, than today, to look back at 2009 and remember a more resentful Zach Crain, who had an aversion to the "F" word, and wondered who removed the ducks from ponds before they froze.

A picture of Rye. Still widely believed to be at large