Misfortune Villains & Community SuperHeros!

People are funny creatures. Sometimes they make cartoons, fly kites, and try their best to spread happiness. Sometimes they break into your warehouse on a Sunday morning and steal your expensive cameras and 5 computers that are your tools for creating and propelling your business forward.

Freakerville was robbed this weekend. Thank you thank you thank you to all who have been sending warm thoughts & support! Whoever did this did not break our legs (and for that, we're extremely grateful!), but they did manage to push us a couple steps back.

If you're running low on your Freaker supply, now would be a really really awesome time to restock & help us regain our balance!

If you're in the greater Wilmington area, the fine folks at Gravity Records & The Soapbox Laundro Lounge are hosting a fundraiser show! Seven (yes! 7!) amazing bands will be playing and the new revolutionized Freaker Boxtruck will be unveiled! We'll be slingin' grilled cheese sandwiches to anybody and everybody who is lucky enough to have a mouth and wonky smiles will be flowing in full force!!!

Now for the magnificent band line-up! If you happen to be in water right now, this list will blow you right out of it. You have been warned:

Onward, Soldiers

Justin Lacy & The Swimming Machine! (If you missed it, we drooled and drooled then drooled some more over their last album.)

Museum Mouth

Free Clinic!

Mike Blair & The Stonewalls

James Ethan Clark & the Renegades


The amount of community support we've seen in the past 48 hours has been astounding and heartfelt. Give yourself a pat on the back, everyone. We don't limit the word "community" to geographical boundaries. No matter who you are, where you are, what you are, we want to thank you from the bottoms of our little hearts for all your warmth & tenacity! Only you can prevent forest fires - and keep small businesses afloat! 

For more details, check out the Facebook Event Page!!

Lovin' on you, world!