National Hug-A-Hero-Day!!!

Lindsey Keen

There is no shortage of celebratory holidays, some nationally recognized, most not. Social media keeps us forever reminded of the important memorials like International Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day (Sept 19th) and Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (Jan 26th). The sheer number of bizarre holidays is intimidating ... and that is exactly our excuse for making up a new holiday rather than fact-checking to see if it already exists! Hooray! 

On that note, we are pleased to announce the commencement of a new day for celebration: National Hug-A-Hero Day!

Our hero-of-the-day is a rambunctious mother, wife, friend and unbelievably babely babe. (She's Norwegian. So she's basically just like Thor. Except she's a ladybabe and he's not.) Her name is Lindsey, she is co-owner of Gravity Records and she deserves a record-breaking hug.

Lindsey Keen Harper

This little non-Thor is responsible for organizing the benefit concert this Friday! A fantastic collection of 7 bands, free-for-all grilled cheese, and feel-goods would not be here in your backyard if it wasn't for her community hustling.

Every community has their own version of a Lindsey. I'm sure they wouldn't be upset if you tracked them down, quietly snuck up behind them, and then tackled them ferociously with bear hugs! (Disclaimer: If they do in fact get upset, we take no legal responsibility.)

What's that you say? We've left out an important detail? Oh. What day should you celebrate National Hug-A-Hero Day?! That's a silly question. Celebrate everyday, duh duh duh.

Gravity Records Wedding
Owners and heir to Gravity Records, the kingdom of music maesters.

To the Lindseys of the world - you are loved!


P.S. - Is Thor Norwegian? We didn't fact-check that either. Go team!