Castle St Boogy!!!!

Some of us here at Freaker USA have fallen into a wormhole called Game of Thrones.  In the HBO series, there are kingdoms and knighthoods and dragons ... and castles! We're also big fans of make-believe worlds in real life, meaning that we've been wielding imaginary swords to hypothetical bad guys. If you don't have weekend plans, you might want to step inside of our little world for a moment...

Our office is on Castle Street (no, really. It's actually called Castle Street), and it is populated with bannermen to the Kingdom of Wilmington! The Castle Street sigil is a Penguin, and it just happens to be that Penguin's 10th birthday this Saturday so there will be an all-day tournament of excitement in celebration! The Freaker boxtruck will be there in full form, but unfortunately we will not be hosting jousting ...this time.

Here, let us plagiarize an actual news station, because they tend to not live in fantasy land and are probably easier to understand:

"The day-long (2-10 p.m.) Penguin Music Fest features a six-band bill headlined by Americana act Railroad Earth. The other acts are Todd Snider, Acoustic Syndicate, the Randall Bramblett Band, Lipbone Redding and Wilmington’s own L Shape Lot. All of the acts are generally rootsy or Americana-based.

In addition to the music, which will be held on two stages, the Penguin Music Fest will have vendors, food trucks and a classic car show.

“The concept is to highlight this particular area of Wilmington that has been overlooked for many years, and re-invite the community to come see it,” said Beau Gunn, general manager of Hometown Wilmington Media, which owns The Penguin, in a press release."

Freaker USA's HR Department (we call him Ser Toby of Winterfell) aptly said "I for one would pay $40 just to see Todd Snyder." I think this means knighthood is in store.

Come play in the sun! Saturday! Castle St! Direwolves (AKA Mister Pete!) 

Ok love you bye!