Freaker Friday: #FreakerFresh

Well-a well-a wella, huh, tell me more, tell me more! Remember when you were just a wee little kid and summer was fast approaching. Anything was possible, even the unlikely union of Sandy and Danny! There were so many things to be excited about! Sunshine! Friends! Ice cream! Splash parties! FORTS! Well in the wise words of Journey, "Don't Stop Believing," you goon! This past week has been filled with so much love and excitement … not a lot of ice cream though… that we want to give everybody summer presents! Smell the sun, little chickies!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: Since we want to spread the love far and wide this week, we are going to select 15 WINNERS! Each care package will contain a Freaker-themed handmade Pulsera Project bracelet and a Fresh Prints Freaker! The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that educates, empowers, and connects Nicaraguan youth with students in the United States who provide a market for their handmade crafts.

HOW TO ENTER: As things get hotter and more humid, the ability to stay So Fresh and So Clean takes more and more work! Tell us how you plan to beat the heat and stay stylin' and profilin' this summer! You can enter 2 ways! Tweet your answer with the hashtag #FreakerFresh OR comment your answer on Fresh Prints' product page here!!!!