Capital C - Trailer (Park) Kids

There comes a time in every man's (or woman's! We are aware of sexual harassment equality, yes we are!) life when you have to plagiarize yourself. This is one of those times. 

 Prepare the Delorean, Alfred:

April 30, 2012: "There is a really fantastic Kickstarter campaign currently crowdfunding for a feature-length documentary ...about crowdfunding. HOW FUNCTIONALLY META!"

Ooh, Kickstarter. The stress of watching your campaign flop around in cyber space, the joys of watching your campaign soar around in cyber space, and the unparalleled relief when your campaign is not the campaign that you are watching anymore.

August 8, 2012: "Remember the documentary in which the founder of Wikipedia, Obama's design director, and Zach in a banana suit all did a dance for crowdfunding? Filming started yesterday. Timon & Jörg (They're Germans! From Germany!) are making a documentary about the crowdfunding revolution and our little nesting spot of Wilmington, North Carolina was the first stop on their US mission!"

It's true! The Germans invaded (real Germans! From Germany!), we fed them sandwiches, all was very pleasant, and then wah-lah - they galloped off into the sunset just like Rammstein. Well now those Germans are back. (Symbolically. No sandwiches necessary this time.)

The very first trailer was released this morning, and holy smoly, folks... it looks AMAZING. Take a moment out of your day to full-screen this with the volume all the way up.

Professional tip #1: You may want to be alone for this if you are prone to violent tears for no particular reason.

Professional tip #2: Sandwiches are basically The UN. FACT.