Freaker Friday! Tattly Tails!

Cute Fake Tattoos Tattly

Forever, by definition, is a very long time.

People like to market "diamonds" as being "forever," but I don't buy it. Diamonds can be misplaced just as easily as your house keys. You know what's harder to lose? YOUR LIMBS. So, by scientific process, tattoos are the new diamonds. And fake tattoos are your new house keys. Let's celebrate this fact.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: This week there are 5 care packages, each with 8 Tattlys and a Freaker of your choice!!! Made in the USA, designed by a variety of professional artists (who get a cut of every sale!), and printed with soy based ink, Tattly is the design-child of SwissMiss and Studiomates! And they are wonderful. (Total retail value: $25!)

HOW TO ENTER: Show us your body-artistry on Instagram!!! They can be real tattoos, they can be drawn on with a magic marker, or they can be duct taped your torso. It doesn't matter. Just let us see those skin decorations with the hashtag #TattlyTail for your chance to win!!!