Donavon Frankenreiter!

All event photos are by Justin Mitchener except for this one which was the result of "Lauren creepin' with an iPhone."

Yesterday, Wilmington celebrated one of it's special traditions: Taking your family to a park & getting sloshed while dancing around to an eccentric man with a microphone and a mustache. Donavon Frankenreiter strikes again! This time, the concert was held at Battleship Park - yes! there is a real battleship there! BAM BAM BAM! - and the Freaker Boxtruck decided to show facial-hair-solidarity!

Let's all relive 12-hours ago with photos from Justin Mitchener and his brand-new camera! (Yeeeeeeee, speaking of, photos of the robbery-benefit concert will be here soon! Thank you again! You're the best! The whole lot of yews!) 

Lemon Lyfe, y'all.

Don't worry, Mr. Pete. You're not alone. Zach has a hotspot on HIS butt TOO.

PHOTOHUNT: Find 3 unwarranted mustaches & a boxtruck house.

Earlier that morning, Justin had poked fun at what a "hippie" Lauren secretly is. Her rebuttal was immediately turning into a Champ of Vamps. 

... Gotcha?


Thanks to everyone who came out! Until next year, keep it stachy, world!