Freaker Friday

Jamboo Headphones Friday

Let's role play.

Not in the dirty-way, but in the dirty-rap-way. Imagine that you are in a rap group called Jelly Jam Cake. Your fans don't only want the freshest tunes, they want the most delicious. To make make it in this game, your cake-mix will knead to rise to the occasion(Baking pun for the win!).

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 3 pairs of Jamboo headphones! Jamboo is a California based company that, much like us, recently got their launch on Kickstarter! The cords are threaded with yarns so your headphones won't tangle and the earbuds are made of bamboo, so you can pretend to be a panda. A rapper panda. Each winner gets a Vanilla Ice-ing Freaker too! (Total Retail Value: $40)

HOW TO ENTER: Go to Vanilla Ice-Ing's product page and let us know in the comment section what sort of artistic musings we'll be able to find on the upcoming album from your fake rap-group "Jelly Jam Cake!" Title tracks, lyrics, album name, liner notes, anything goes!