Productivity Puppies!

Puppy Tennis Ball Demon

Don't judge a book by it's cover, don't judge a film by it's Youtube comments, and don't expect our blog titles to be descriptive of the nonsense we spew. In fact, sometimes you should expect the exact opposite. For example, the title above sais "Productivity Puppies," but in reality it should be "Distraction Dogs."

Have you ever had YOUR office bombarded by puppies?! (If the answer is "yes," keep reading. If "no," stop everything you're doing and go find a puppy. I don't care who's it is, I'm sure they won't mind if you borrow it for a while.)

If you said "yes," then you know how unproductive the Having-A-Puppy-In-Your-Workspace game can be. For those of you who are not plagued by this adorable virus, we've made you a photo presentation of this horrible ailment. OKAY GO!:

This may be a stereotype, but it's only a stereotype because it's overwhelmingly true: Women love puppies.  Women get distracted by puppies. Before this puppy showed up at our office, these three women were the harbingers of productivity.

Puppy wars

Nelson Mandela, however, was not as excitable.

Cute puppy in a box oh my god so cute adorable

Once we realized how much time we had "wasted" playing with puppies, we decided that the obvious solution was to put the little slob-ball to work. 


... But it didn't work. 

Professional tip: If you want to bring a corporation to it's knees, you don't have to blackmail them! Just shower them in adorable puppies, no work will get done, and before they realize what happened... BOOM.. They're on their knees, out of business, wondering where all the puppies went.