Freaker Friday: Old Salt Merchants!

IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER. Officially. As of today, it is summer. Do you realize the depth of what this means!?

BBQ season is here! And we have a new limited-edition vintage-wash Freak for 4th of July!! And it's Friday! And this week's giveaway prizes are amazing!! Now let's talk about salt and America! BOOM!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 5 care packages this week filled with our brand-new limited-edition vintage-wash Freaker-design HawtDawg and 2 special treats from Old Salt Merchants! We have both specialty sugars and gourmet salts from these fine folks, and have decided that the only thing more special than a charcoal infused "Black Powder Salt" is the story behind it. Meet the family and melt into a puddle of salty salty nostalgia:

"Old Salt Merchants is a family run nautical provisions company located in the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington. Anika is a designer, caramel maker, and iced tea junkie, and Joshua is a publisher, sailor, and rum drinker who loves old-time radio. Between them they’ve been involved with associated maritime trades and businesses for more than two decades.
Our mission is to be the best “olde shoppe” in port, offering superior, natural, nautical provisions and gifts to customers who appreciate the same.
If you call and it’s noisy, that’s just the kids, the dog, or the fog horns."

HOW TO ENTER: What would your sailor nickname be if you were an old American salt merchant? Let us know in the comments section of Hawt Dawg's product page for your chance to win!!!