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On a summer day in 1996, the world changed forever. Independence took a new meaning and the freedom to life, liberty and happiness were firmly realized after a devastating war that ravaged our land and peoples. American men and women restored dignity in the face of ruthless invasion and then Will Smith used a Macbook to destroy big jerk aliens.

On the anniversary of Independence Day, we as a people come together and celebrate our humanity and all of the liberties that it entails! That's why for every 3 Freakers you buy, we'll throw in a free Hawt Dawg design for free!

Welcome to earth, freaklings.

(Also! Our DONUT-Do-That contest is still running strong! Send us a picture of what you think Pete is yelling at and we'll include it in our special Facebook Giveaway album! The photo(s?) with the most likes wins all 8 new Freaker designs before they're officially released!! GO TEAM!)

June 25, 2013 by Freaker USA
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