Freaker Friday: Poster Children!


Firstly, we want to recognize that this should have been up on Friday. But it wasn't. And I take full responsibility if if the lack of a Freaker Friday blog post completely destroyed your Friday. We'll offer you a voucher for a free counseling email if you so desire. Mah bad. ONWARDS:

In the midst of our carefree summer, as we bring another week to a close, we wanted to take a moment to warn the Freaker community about the dangers of walking. (Oh, texting and walking, that is!) Click here to see an innocent woman terrorized by a fountain as she tries to text her friend. Click here to see her explaining how she is the victim here. Click here if regular news is a bit stale, and R Kelly could do it better. For this week's Freaker Friday giveaway, we want to get your eyes off those death-trap screens!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: This week, our 3 winners will get to choose a poster version of our cell phone wallpaper, as well as a Baberham Lincoln and Hawt Dawg Freaker. Each poster is printed in house with our giant printer(aka Justin's girlfriend)! These colorful babies will make sure that you run into walls, and not fountains!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Twitter and let us know how you are going to take cell phone safety to the next level! Why do you deserve to be a safety poster child? Use #FountainsOfFreaker and we will pick our favorite 3 to be our safety liaisons to the rest of the world!