Spoils of Donut Victory!!


The day is today, the time is now.  Pete has officially decided what he enjoys to yell at the most. The DONUT-Do-That Giveaway contest draws to a close, and we must knight the victors with care packages.  We wanted to mail all of the winners a box of pastries, but we didn't want the post office to mistake our powdered sugar for anthrax.  We know for a fact that Freakers don't qualify us for any kind of security watchlist, so we'll stick to that. For now. 

The winners were not chosen by Pete, but by the good citizens of Facebook! Any photo that had fifty or more likes is getting a care package of two mystery Freakers and the grand prize winner will get eight previously unreleased Freakers - five of which are being unveiled this afternoon!

From left to right, the winners are: Rebecca Carter, Danielle Selleck, David Hegburg, KBrocknrolla, Grant Akerly, and the grand prize winner is Alyssa Ilene Lee!!! 

Now go treat yourself to some sprinkles and send us your shipping address. We have goodies for you.