Freaker Friday: FreakerCheese!

Did everybody have a festive fourth?! How many fingers did you lose to fireworks this year?! Did you stuff your shorts with hotdogs only to get kicked off the set of Entourage? (...True story - I'll tell you when you're older.) Did you roll yourself up like a burrito with an American flag and roll down Mount Rushmore?! PICTURES OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. We want to see!

No matter what kind of festivities you found yourself a part of, we're going to make the assumption that every person in America ate at least one grilled cheese sandwich yesterday. And that is why we've partnered up with the two lovely ladies at Smilelen to get you freaked and cheesed. Again.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 3 care packages for 3 lucky ducks featuring a grilled cheese necklace from 2 sisters that make accessorized treats named Smilelen! You'll also be winning a Baberaham Lincoln and a Freaker of your choice! (total retail value: $38)

HOW TO ENTER: Repost your favorite Independence Day moment on Instagram with the hashtag #FreakerCheese for your chance to win!!