Sexy Sax Man Freaker!

Sexy Sax Man Freaker USA

Once upon a time, the Freakerteam engaged themselves in a brutal Battle of the Sexes over a mysterious being that goes by the name of Sexy Sax Man. Dreams were shattered, whispers were careless and at the end of it all, every party threw up their arms and declared that they were never going to dance again. NEVER AGAIN.

Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in the midst of an inter-gender [insert definition of your choice] conflict - there is a solution. We have teamed up with the Sexy Sax Man himself to bring you the sexiest and the saxiest of all the sexy saxy Freakers in history!

AND if you have trouble sleeping at night, know this: for every Sexy Sax Man Freaker you buy, you'll be contributing to his personal sandwich fund. Without sandwiches, Sexy Sax Man would become unsexily malnourished and lack the energy to sex and sax all of your woes away!

For those of you who have not been saxified, here is a revolutionary present for you.