Panorama in Alabama!

In the past couple of days, the Freakerteam has been doing kartwheels in the dirty south. Here are some things that we've learned:

Atlanta Ferris Wheel Morning Fog

1. As of yesterday at noon, Atlanta officially has a ferris wheel. A FERRIS WHEEL, PEOPLE.

Opelika Alabama Recycle

2. Alabama motivates itself to recycle with pastel monsters in parking lots. I can respect that.

The Villager Auburn Alabama

3. DJ Marwhoa is the greatest day-time cheese-throwin party-monger DJ that the entire state of Alabama has ever seen. FACT.

DJ Marwhoa Kit Marlowe Alabama

4. The Villager is moving from Auburn, Alabama to Georgia this fall! If anybody meets a wonderfully charming woman named Ingrid, kiss her forehead and tell her we love her.

(Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility for any lawsuits or broken noses that may ensue.)

Lot Lizard Alabama

5. Lauren was mistaken for a lot lizard by this young man in an 18 wheeler screaming "HOW MUCH THEM F%#*S GO FOR?" Exactly nobody was upset by this.

Alabama Car Wash Freaker USA

6.RASPBERRY CRAZY ANTS ARE NOT A MYTH. We are officially at war. But more importantly, we would like to take this time to thank the state of Alabama for being so considerate of boxtruck houses in car washes.