Texas Heat & Greet!

Wendy's Texas Gas Station Cowboys
I would like to clarify: This was taken in a Wendy's. Texas rules.

You Texans are so sweet. Sweet than apple pie. Sweeter than spring chickens. Sweeter than a vat of cane sugar mixed with artificial sweetener mixed with extra sweetened honey! You're sweeter than all of these things combined with the other sweet colloquialisms describing sweet things with an extra sweet cherry on top.

Today we're grilling all the cheese with Gecko Hardware in Dallas! Yes, there are baby chickens involved. It is magical.

Tomorrow, we'll be at Blue Seven in Oklahoma City, slingin' cheese and spittin' jams! Yes, there will be snow cones involved. It will also be magical.

Come getchu some! You deserve it!

It is official summer, y'all! Let's celebrate!

Gecko's Hardware Dallas Texas