Freaker Friday: Movin' On Up!

While half of the Freakerteam has gone mobile, making stops and throwing parties on their way out west, the other half has some excitement of their own! Yesterday, we began the exodus from our Castle Street location to our new deluxe office in the sky! While we are so excited about our new space, it is hard to leave so many memories where we humbly began our journey!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have a stack of old polaroids, each with a unique memory from our office, that we want to share with you! In addition to a polaroid, each of our five winners will receive one random "found object" from our move, as well as a Freaker of their choice!

HOW TO ENTER: Simply comment on this picture with your favorite memory from our old workspace! You can link in an old blog post, type something from memory, or give us a first hand account of a time you were in the office (realistically or metaphorically!)

Mooooooovin' on up!