Ida Red Party Tulsa Oklahoma Freaker

Oklahoma, I think it's finally time for us to sit down and have the gritty yet necessary conversation.  Let me start by saying that this is an open forum, and the highest valued commodity is honesty.

Whew. Okay. You ready?

Ida Red Freakers

Oklahoma, you are fantastic.

Shamelessly, ignorantly, obliviously, we had been expecting at least one tumbleweed.

For better of for worse, the only tumbleweed we found came in the form of a wily man on top of our boxtruck, repeatedly doing this smooth move:

We did, however, find two prairie dogs and all of our stereotypes of Oklahoma-dreams came true:

So dearest Blue Seven, dearest Ida Red... From the bottoms of our pitter pattering Okie hearts, thank you for including us in all of your splendor.


So hot right now.

DJ Marwhoa Chris Kit Marlowe Freaker