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Arms Wide Open

... Just like that Creed song. Don't pretend to be so suave, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Half of us are saying buh-bye to the American expanse of the Great Plains. The other half are saying buh-bye to a different kind of spacial curiosity: our old office.

How is the move going? Well, the road dogs are finding buried treasures on Route 66, while the suite cats are unpacking their crowned-jewels (AKA bedazzled office supplies).

Look, ma! We now have a warehouse that's not in the middle of our computer space! The Fakeblock office is almost real!!

Collect the mess! Justin Mitchener, man of purchasing bravery, is back at it with a trusty sidekick ever at his feet.

Even though we've upgraded into a bigger space so that we can have more wiggle room, our old friend Irony tends to be clingy.  Electricity has been tricky, so the worksmurfs are clustering around a single extension cord, even more crowded than when in our retired mini-office.

Now we will leave you with a picture of a chair to commemorate our mess of mind and also that one Creed song that you undoubtedly can sing along to.

BOOM, BABY. We love you unboundedly!

July 25, 2013 by Freaker USA

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