Freaker Friday: The OG OC

Everybody loves a comeback, especially when the comeback kid is angsty-teen dreamboat, Ryan Atwood. In a couple days, the world will be celebrating the 10th birthday of The OC. You heard me. It's been 10 years since you got all hissy about fictional characters in Newport Beach. In a true Sandy Cohen fashion, we're here to make you feel better about that fact. 

We can't wait until Monday to celebrate, so we are giving you things now!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have four "Sandy Cohen Sunset" Freakers that never made it to full production! These are the only four that exist, which makes each of them one-of-a-kind! Each winner will also receive a stylish gift from Cotton Snaps!

These sunglass accessesories are Made in the Freakin' USA, and their magnets keep your sunglasses on your head while you are swimming, fishing, or just plain head bangin'!

HOW TO ENTER: We all remember the void we felt when the show ended. It was impossible not to feel cold and alone. If they based a show on your life to fill their old TV spot, what would it be called, and what would it be about? Get on Twitter and use #FreakersHereWeCome to tell us about it!