Freaker Friday: The Soaking Tub!

freaky Bath Salts

Nicknames can be super fun. Until you're in love. Then, out of nowhere you're getting called "hottie poopsie smoo" by your favorite person - and even though you know they don't mean to call you "a burning pile of tiny shits" it still feels wrong.
Romantic pet names are always weird and often inexplicable. Is is for that reason alone that we're hopping in a warm bath of smooki-mush poptart jujujiggles, with a little help from our friends...

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages this week featuring the luxury of
The Soaking Tub!

Responsibly sourced. Small batched. Uniquely crafted. Botanically-based. The Soaking Tub makes bath products with the care and quality that sets passionate small-businesses apart from prepackaged mass production.

Each winner will get orange soy soaking salts, blood orange + rose bar soap, and a pair of Sugar Britches Freaker Feet socks!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and leave a comment with the oddest romantic pet-name you've been called for your chance to win!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!