Modern Times in Paradise

For the past couple of days we've been in San Diego hiding away in 24-hour coffee shops named after a vampire once played by Tom Cruise. In a fit of sleepless joy, we're here to announce our event schedule for this upcoming weekend with high hopes of high fives!

This Friday, August 9th, we'll be celebrating life, liberty, and all the good things with beer. Good beer. Impossibly good beer. Modern Times Beer is a brand new brewery in Point Loma, opened by a runaway from Stone Brewery.

For the first time in human history, Modern Times Beer is opening their tasting room to the general public this Friday. Predictably, we're going to be there in full Freaker force circa 7pm! If you're still unconvinced, know this: The walls of this mysterious tasting room are covered in a mosaic of Michael Jackson and his monkey made entirely of post-it notes.

(We've been watching these guys develop and grow for some time now and if you've ever wanted a peek into the world of opening your own brewery, I highly recommend mildly-stalking these fine chaps.)

On Saturday we'll be making the northern mini-journey for Studio Penny Lane in Solana Beach to wallow in grilled cheese, summer vibes and a collection of beautiful sea sirens!

In short: Studio Penny Lane makes jewelry with pennies.
In long: Studio Penny Lane makes serenity. The founder Laurie is a story teller and an enchantress! She is on a mission to infect people with mindfulness, gratitude and exhilaration!
Bonus points: Their mascot is Aberaham Lincoln.
Charm level: Infinity!

Weekend Recap!:

Friday at 7!
Modern Times Beer
3725 Greenwood St.
San Diego, CA 92110

Saturday at 6!
Studio Penny Lane
346-A South Cedros Ave.
Solana Beach, Ca. 92075

Come play, San Diego! We have treats for you!