Desert dogs

Once upon a time somebody asked me "what happened to you in the desert, baby?"

I have no clue who that was or why they were so inquisitive, but today is the day we answer their question.

There are only a handful of things that are more awesome than watching Wolverine on top of a boxtruck-house at a drive-in theatre in the desert.

The citizens of Barstow must have agreed because not a single one was confused by the fact that there were people camping on top of a boxtruck at a drive-in theatre the next morning.  They just wanted to know if the Sunday morning swap meet was still on schedule.


We are not food critics. We are not food critics for valid reasons.

If we were food critics, we would misguide the masses into a single restaurant for reasons that have very little to do with food. That restaurant would be Casa Jimenez Steaks & Mariscos.

This Mexican restaurant is actually a taxidermy adventure that screens Seth Green movies in Spanish and happens to serve food.

I would also like to make it very clear: Out of the 39 yelp reviews, only 9 mention the word "animals." There is a zebra head. In a Mexican restaurant. Who do these 21 yelp reviewers think they are? DELUSIONAL.

So there, stranger. That's what happened to us in the desert, baby.