Freaker Friday: Amazing Capes!

Are you a superhero? Irrelevant question. Of course you're a superhero. We're a superhero too. Do you want to form a superhero alliance? ALSO IRRELEVANT. We're forming a super hero alliance. Me and you. Us and y'all. Fighting the evils of bottle sweat and moist handshakes for the betterment of everyone, everywhere, for the rest of time.

The only truly relevant question now is how flashy our flash will be.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 5 care packages this week featuring Amazing Capes! Roxanne Turpen is a North Carolina luminary making capes and saving the world through the power of imagination! With the profits of every cape sold, Amazing Capes gives back to world saving causes, all while cloaking you in the power of awesome! Each winner will receive a cape and a Freaker of their choice! (Total retail value: $45)

HOW TO ENTER: Find this graphic on Facebook and let us know what our super hero alliance would be called for your chance to win! Amazing? AMAZING.