Freaker Friday: Hella Slingshots!

Elasticity is a great thing. It pays the bills around here, but also does a whole mess of other amazing things! It keeps your sweatpants up on those "don't care days", it allows rubber bands to keep all your important documents together, it is even the driving force that makes trampolines so fun!

At the dawn of vulcanized rubber, people realized it could do something even more special. By tying some rubber to a forked stick, kids were able to send projectiles through the air a dangerous velocities! That's right boys and girls, we are talking about the Slingshot!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: This week, we will select 3 winners who will each receive a Hella Slingshot (don't ask your parents first)! These babies come from the creative mind of Adam Gray! He lives in San Francisco and his favorite pastime is shooting cans with slingshots. When he was a child, a 6-pack of cans terrorized his family, now he is seeking his revenge!

Now his goal is to arm the world for the inevitable can-pocalypse! Today, 3 lucky Freaker fans will join his ranks! Winners also receive a Freaker of their choice ($40 value)!

HOW TO ENTER: We all had childhood slingshot triumphs once upon a time! Maybe you used yours to stop invading forces from taking your tree house, maybe you used it to stop Pennywise the Clown from eating all your friends, or perhaps you took a page from the book of El Barto and simply used yours in the name of mischief!

Either way, we were all better for the experience. This week, we are asking you to get on Instagram and use #FreakinSlingIt to show us your best makeshift slingshot! Our 3 favorites will be furnished with the real deal! HAPPY FRIDAY!