Freaker Friday: Sock It to Me

Everyone has an alter ego. Some of you go to sleep every night solely because you turn into a flying ninja-lizard in dream world. Some of you watch Free Willy on repeat because that caged whale "just gets you, man."

Our most recent alter-ego came in the form of a smoking alpaca staring at girl-butt with laser eyes. We've been overexcited to share Alpacass with the world, but now it's time to pass that torch to you. The whole bunch of you. 

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 30 care packages to give away this week! The little birds at Sock It To Me have an entire collection of alter-egos that they share them in the form of wild socks.  The founder Carrie and her sunshine team are on a mission to funkify your feet and have created a line of over 200 designs so you never have to take your party socks off.  They also hold a bi-annual design contest, so your flying ninja-lizard dream can be a reality on the toes of the masses! 

There will be 15 boy winners and 15 girl winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter! Each will get 2 pairs of Sock It To Me socks and an Alpacass Freaker! (Total retail value: $33)

HOW TO ENTER: Find this photo on our Facebook page and let us know what your favorite alter-ego is for a chance to win 1 of 30 care packages!  Go forth, young grasshopper!