POOL party in hindsight

Last week was spent wallowing on the floors of the Mandalay Bay convention center for POOL trade show. We've been floating in space ever since. Here's why:

We picked up our resident MadDog/Babewatch male-model extraordinaire in Los Angeles. His interests include: going by the name Onesie Walker, running through traffic jams on desert highways, and freaking everything in sight.

Once in Vegas, the trade show thought they had bent all the rules when they let use our boxtruck house as a booth.

That was before they found out a MMA fighter named Honey Badger would be acting as our salesman.

They were decently okay with the half naked cowboy-fighter until Sexy Sax Man joined the ranks. After threatening to kick him out multiple times, he finally responded with the simple "You don't know who you're talking to."

Touche, Sax Man. Touche.