Freaker Friday: 11:11!

There is nothing like the sizzling of some spicy sausages™ on the grill to remind you that summer is drawing to a close. It's not all bad though. Football is about to start again, and a little structure in your life never killed anyone.

Looking back, you probably went somewhere. It could have been France, or it could have been that little town with the giant ball of string! Either way, we want to know about it!

Also, should you find yourself in the wonderful world that is Savannah, Georgia, be sure to come party with the Freaker Team! They'll be set up on River Street today at noon, and tomorrow at 5! There will be football, Freakers, and fun!.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: This week, we have five care packages from our friends at 11:11! Each one contains a passport holder, made by hand in California, so you can commemorate the places you've been this summer, and the places you'll go in the future! We are also going to include a Baberham Lincoln Freaker because LABOR DAY! (Retail Value: $25)

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do is get on Instagram and use #FreakinSomewhere to show us some of your summer lovin'! If your summer involved attending the VMA's, please keep it to yourself. We are all pretty over it.