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Freaker Friday: Studio Penny Lane

Fridays are a day to be celebrated! Sometimes, the week weighs down so heavily upon us, that we forget this fact. Many times, at the end of a week, we need a little something to lift us up by our boot strings!

We all have little rituals that help get us through the week! A lucky rabbit's foot, or dragon's toe. Some of us have a lucky water fountain we like to rub on the way into the office. We want to celebrate these things today!

This week we are giving away ten car packages brought to you by Studio Penny Lane! Their Abundance Penny is a reminder of these little bits of luck and inspiration! Each winner will receive a Studio Penny Lane necklace, and a Foghorn Freaker! ($30 Value)

Get on Twitter and use #PennyFreak to tell us your lucky charm or ritual! Michael Jordan wore his Chapel Hill shorts under his uniform in every NBA game (Source: Space Jam). What do you to play like a champion?

September 06, 2013 by Freaker USA

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