Hopscotch & Magic!

Freaker USA Hopscotch Raleigh

This past weekend we gathered up a buddy, a puppy, and a boxtruck for Raleigh's 4th annual Hopscotch Music Festival! 

Freaker USA Boxtruck

Who can tell me what is so new and special about this snapshot? Is it the sneakster on a truck roof? Na, he's been there. Is it the unicorn wearing AutoToon shades? KIND OF. Do you know what's hiding underneath the AutoTooned Unicorn? A MAGICIAN. 

A real life professional magician. 

Magic of Molten Freaker

Once upon a time, the Magic of Molten gained inner-office adoration by giving us magic performances through Skype. This past weekend, he ooh-ed and aah-ed the masses of children inside of a boxtruck house. 

Freaker USA kids

Note: The "masses of children" was not an understatement. 

Pete and pippi dogs

Little kiddies were not the only ones to be ooh-ed and aah-ed at Hopscotch. After years of grumpy solitude, Mister Pete finally met his soulmate, Pippi.

Zach Crain Snap Yeti

Pete and his human are usually in sync, so it came as no surprise when Zach also met his soulmate this weekend. 

The entire Missed Connections subsection on Craigslist wants to take this moment and thank Hopscotch for such a hope-filled festival. 

Good work, Earth.