Freaker Friday: Denik!

Quick Recap for all you Newbies: Every week we do a collaborative giveaway contest called Freaker Friday with the most amazing companies you've never imagined. Each week is a different contest with different prizes from a different company! At least 5 winners are announced every week in our Tuesday newsletter!

Are you an artist? That question isn't limited to painters, sculptors or poets. Artistry spans all human activity. You can only cross one eye? ART. You trained your dog to do your laundry? DOUBLE ART. You can moonwalk, worm and twerk all at the same time? You, my friend, are my new favorite artist.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 6 care packages to give away this week! We're featuring the fine chaps at Denik Journals! Self proclaimed as the "raddest notebooks ever," Denik puts the work of artists from around the world on their covers and designates a percentage of their sales to social missions like building schools!

Made it the USA and easy on the eyes, each care package will include 1 Denik journal and a Freaker of their choice! (total retail value: $22)

HOW TO ENTER: Imagine that you are a famous artist, but you exclusively use a fake name. (Hey, Banksy. Nice to see you, Banksy.) Find this graphic on Facebook and leave a comment with what your secret artist pen-name is! Winners will be announced in our Tuesday newsletter!