The Intern Ship sets sail!

They're all out on lunch break, ok?

There comes a time in every company's growth where the wants and needs of the business evolve. In the early days of Freaker USA, we needed back scratches and bear hugs.  Now that we have experience under our belts, we need unpaid labor. And back scratches. 

SO! We're hiring an intern! If you're a student in the Wilmington area that excels in hard work, beer Fridays, and promising not to sue us if we somehow offend you… send us your story! 

If you're a student NOT in the Wilmington area and your football team has you teetering on the edge of dropping everything you stand for and moving to a faraway land for unpaid work in a weird warehouse, we're into that too.

Here are some nice things you should probably mention: 

- What's your spirit animal? Your go-to karaoke song? 

- What's your major? (But more importantly, what's your passion?) 

- Why the hell would you want to work with us? What would you ideally get out of this internship?

- How do you feel about puppies? Donuts? FREAKERS?

We have to follow strict guidelines on what you can and cannot do as an intern because the legalities have changed due to some kid that sued Hollywood because his unpaid internship was unpaid.  With that said, we have duties laid out for you, but also want to cater to your own talents and interests! You work with us, we work with you. Kapish? Very good. 

The interview process starts next week! Bring 'em home, Skippy!