Freaker Friday: TGT Wallets!

Do you remember the linguistic renaissance of the late 1990s? It was a glorious moment for wordsmiths everywhere. Suddenly we were talking to the hand, our home skillets had "yo mamma" jokes for days, and the undesirables were filed under "scrubs." One of our favorite colloquialisms from the 90s has been making a comeback -"that's tight." In celebration of the all-encompassing tightness, we're giving away 6 Tight Wallets for our Freaker Friday collaboration this week. Trust me. They are all that and a bag of chips.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: TGT (Tight) Wallets are the future of making your butt look good. We all know you're dealing with a giant bank roll, but there doesn't have to be a bump on your butt to prove it! TGT wallets are designed compact, and that makes your pants fit better! They come in a bunch of cool designs, and they are designed in Brooklyn! Each of our 6 winners will receive a TGT wallet and a Draper Freaker!

HOW TO ENTER: The need for new words that express feelings, while keeping other generations in the dark, will never cease. It is a hole we need you to fill. Fire up them Twitters and use #FreakinNeologism to tell us about your contribution to the english language (or really, any language)! You don't like pens, call them Frindles. You haven't been blessed with immortality, YOLO. It's that simple people!