Freaker Friday: Tay Ham & Interactive Interns

This week we got two interns. Mmhm, that is real life. At least two people thought it was a good idea to be our intern. We need your help in proving them wrong.

We here at Freaker USA want our interns to come away from this opportunity with more experience than just shredding incriminating documents. That's why we've already given them meaningful tasks like holding our arms up so we don't get tired, brushing our accountant's hair and scaring away One Tree Hill fans that make daily pilgrimages to our office (AKA Club Tric.) But we're already running out of ideas for their productivity!

And this is where you come in.

WHAT YOU'RE WINING THIS WEEK: We have 5 care packages to give away this week featuring our favorite-cards-of-all-time made by Wilmington local, Tay Ham! Technically, there is a card for every occasion, but they're best used for reasserting how awesome you are. Each package comes with 4 Tay Ham cards and a MadDog Freaker! Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this photo, and let us know what you would make our interns do. Make it silly yet reasonable because each winner will not only get a free care package, but also a photo of the interns playing out your work-suggestion. For example, if you think the interns should wash our neighbor's El Camino… there will be photographic proof that we're listening to your input! Because …customer service > labor rights?