True Customer Loyalty

We here at Freaker USA believe in valued customer service.

The winners of Freaker Friday are usually announced exclusively in our Tuesday newsletter, but today is special. Last week we asked you for task-suggestions for our new interns. Without further ado, I present both the winners of Freaker Friday and photographic proof that we are listening to your input.

Chris Lowe: I think it's high time to get that beard washed and blow dried. That's a good job for the interns for sure. And make sure that your wearing your favorite Freakers when they groom you up!

Spencer McRay Bland: Take a picture of this picture and then instagram that picture.

Robyn Rowley: Perform tap and interpretive dances to entertain and revive the office during that mid-afternoon slump to keep the freakin' creative juices flown'!

HR felt particularly inspired and sketched a timeless portrait. Here is his muse with the masterpiece.

Kristin Troska: Play Pin-The-Freaker on the Boss Man!

Adrian Orozco: Have them make their work stations out of cardboard boxes!

Winners! Send us your shipping address! We have goodies coming your way! 

**We're not playing favorites here. Only one intern is shown being NOT hazed because the other one suspiciously got pink eye on the day of duty.**